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Hello! I have an idea for AU week, based on a tumblr AU that Maru wrote a while ago: no evil Empire. Just that--the Empire doesn't exist. The government is a republic, the Jedi are still around, and Baze and Chirrut will still be Guardians. What do you all think?
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Hello, fellow Star Wars muns! Baze here, coming in from the stand-alone film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I plan to play Baze post-canon along with my partner-in-crime, Chirrut. I'll likely drop in on his threads whenever possible and he'll drop in on mine. We're a package deal. Baze will take up whittling, sit in the Caribbean sun, and bicker with his friends.

Is there anything Baze and Chirrut should not sense about your pups? Chirrut is Force-sensitive, and will know things that he otherwise wouldn't.

Let me know if you want a tag after I've apped him!
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Fellow Star Wars' muns, I'm planning on apping Cassian this month and playing him in the years leading up to Rogue One. I want to explore what life inside the Rebellion was like and this could be a great chance to take advantage of what's going on in Rebels and other canon sources.
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The Rogue One teaser has dropped and holy kriff does it look good. Mon Mothma is back! I also realized this will be the first movie without a Skywalker, which I'm kind of looking forward to, to be honest.
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Some interesting details I came across on lightsabers, behind a cut to save your feed.

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Hello! Guess who's application just got approved?

So, here's the thing. I will be playing Kylo and his history/backstory/what have you from film canon only. I actually know pretty much nothing about the EU so it works for me. However, if any EU pups would like to interact with him, cool! Just know that he probably isn't going to know who you are, but shared verses are always comforting.

This can also be a place to ask any questions or let me know if you'd like Kylo to avoid your pup for reasons.

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 I've requested an add for us this month, and it's right here. Any corrections or requests for wanted characters?
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 A seemingly official timeline of the current Star Wars universe. This is main canon and not EU/Legends. It also has the benefit of spelling out what is part of official canon.

Thought it might be helpful. =)
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So I guess we could start with a cast list giving canon specific info?


If you'd prefer to be anonymous, that's fine. Just write Anonymous for player.

Canon is used here to separate main canon (i.e. the modern, Disney owned Star Wars which includes all the movies, the Clone Wars TV series, Rebels, and any comics or novels published after April, 2014) or legends (i.e. the old EU. Video games, novels, and comics published before 2014). More from Wookiepedia, if you'd like the long answer.

Era is what historical era your character comes from; Rise of the Empire, Old Republic, Clone Wars, Rebellion, etc. Here is Wookiepedia's list of eras if you need some help; though these eras are defined more for publishing than actual historical eras.

Source is what media your character comes from; i.e. Knights of the Old Republic, The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Republic comics. I'm using source so as to not confuse with canon.

Force Sensitivity is for if your character is force sensitive and other notes such as how strong they are in the Force (1=Ray Stantz, 10=Yoda or Anakin), how much of the Light Side or Dark Side they might feel, etc.

Notes can be for anything else; AU ideas you might have, warning for how you may wish to play the pup, things you'd like to have happen to the pup, etc.


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